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Dumpster Diving is BACK!!! March 10-12th Come and Dive with Benjamin at the New Orleans Home and Garden Show!! You will LOVE it and all of your friends will be impressed to know you created this wonderful piece with Benjamin!!

What is this Dumpster Dive and will you really have to get into a dumpster? Will there be banana peels in this dumpster? Okay, okay let's not over think this :) Yes, there will be a dumpster at the New Orleans Home and Garden Show. What you will find in the dumpster will be a little bit of a mystery. I can guarantee your dumpster finds will stretch your creativity, you will have worked with Artist Benjamin Bullins and you will leave the show EXCITED about your new piece!!!

How much is this workshop you ask? With the purchase of your New Orleans Home and Garden Show you can dive and build your creation for FREE! Space is limited, so...... Don't be late. You may even want to get on the VIP list...... See you there!!

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